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Who hires Washington Tax Services? A couple of recent cases...

I thought I'd review the last four people who hired me so you, the reading public, can get a sense of the kind of tax problems we solve:

1. Older gentleman on Social Security who owes back taxes - 941s for a deceased sole proprietorship -- $12,000 and $12,000 in 1040s. This guy will likely qualify for a small settlement on both issues combined as one.

2. Divorce attorney in Midwest -- defaulted on his installment agreement with the IRS, received form CP523 -- client owed money again for tax year 2008 - so IRS is threatening to levy again. High income individual -- but owes $250,000 to IRS. Hiring us mostly just to deal with the IRS for him -- as he doesn't have a lot of time to devote to this. We will examine all options including an eventual request to relieve penalties.

3. Non-filer of 2007 and 2008 -- has IRS agent assigned to him to get those returns filed. Client has really poor records and will have to prepare returns to the best of his ability in the absence of good info. We are preparing the best returns possible, while maintaining full integrity.

4. OLD 941 debt -- IRS is chasing a guy for old corporate 941 debt. I already finished this case with a couple of phone calls. The IRS had passed the opportunity to assess taxes personally against him personally. (3 years). So, no threat of collections. Case closed!

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