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What Tax Resolution Companies are Getting the Most Eyeballs on the Internet? Updated List of 17 Strongest Internet Companies

With the exception of tax lien mailers and tax lien callers, tax resolution companies who are seeking to reach new customers largely advertise on the internet. The objective of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog which you are reading now is to present the most compelling and informative content to people who need help with their tax problems. Other companies have snazzier and more visual presentations to get customers to call. Here is our latest rankings of Tax Resolution Companies by the internet presence according to (in previous surveys we used

1. Tax Resolution Services , Encino, CA, Year 1997 Similar Web Ranking: 162k
2. Tax Defense Network, Florida, Year 2007, and its four principal websites: Consumer Tax Reviews, 430k, 445k , IRS Tax Settlements-- 523k and 189k
3. US Tax Shield, Encino, CA, Year 2011, 253k
4. Freedom Tax Relief, San Mateo, CA Year 2005, Freedom Tax Relief (out of business in 2018) 281k
5. Jeff Fouts, Tax Attorney, San Diego, Year 1998, 306k
6. Alvin Brown, Tax Attorney, Virginia, Year 2000, 327k
7. JG Tax Group, Florida, Year 2008, 418k
8. Fresh Start Tax, Florida, Year 2010, 472k
9. IRS Medic, Connecticut, Year 2009, 477k
10. Optima Tax Relief, California, Year 2012, --577k
11. Tax Tiger ,Year 2002, , Sacramento, CA , 607k
12. Blue Tax, LA, CA, Year 2009, 618k
13. Precision Tax Relief, Idaho , Year 2011, 682k
14. Instant Tax Solutions, Idaho, Year 2008, 715k
15. Limon Whitaker, LA, CA, Year 2008, 716k COMPANY CLOSED IN 2014.
16. Tax Problem Resolution Blog, Seattle, Year 1989, 896k and 1.7m
17. Joe Mastriano, CPA, Year 2009, Houston, 917k
18., Year 1993, San Mateo, CA 950k

I did go thru the entire list of 165 Tax Resolution Companies up to the right to make this list. Amazing the wide variety of start dates of the companies: a total of 10 of the companies were STARTED 2007 OR LATER. Wow. A serious amount of marketing dollar $$ and some creatively done web presentations contributed to their quick market dominance.

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