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What if your Tax Resolution Result is a Payment Plan? And Not an Offer?

So you've paid a tax professional to represent you and solve a tax problem that you have. You were hoping the best for the outcome, but seven months down the road the tax professional has informed you that you need to start paying $500 a month on your $60,000 tax debt - on May 28th. You aren't excited about this - of course (!) - but what can make you feel better about this result?


1. If you have a good tax professional, he/she also informed you when your taxes expire and furthermore bought you another several months of NOT PAYING THE IRS...pushing your tax liability closer to the expiration date.

2. Your tax professional also might have avoided you a "higher" payment plan that a less skilled tax professional might have put you in.

3. Your tax professional also might have informed you that after a few payments, they could perform a penalty abatement on your tax debt.

4. The installment agreement does prevent the IRS from levying you or garnishing your wages.

5. Your tax professional might have made about 8 phone calls to the IRS over the months- saving you the hold time and grief associated with managing your own tax case.

6. Finally, your tax professional also might have informed you that - you should check in - in about 4 months to see if your financial circumstances have changed - and to see if you might qualify for something better like an Offer in Compromise.

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