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Tax Resolution Services of California -- “Closers” and Really High Fees

We have always had a pretty good impression of Tax Resolution Services now called Tax Defense Partners in Encino, CA. We've never had a customer tell us that they were abandoned by them. Their record at the BBB seems to be solid, etc. With little hesitation, they refund fees to people who didn't have a good experience.

However, as far as their salespeople go -- we can now confirm that they are a little sketchy, and very expensive. I just spoke with a Washington State person who just finished bankruptcy yet their 941 sole proprietor debt survived the discharge. They owe about $60,000.00.

The aggressive "closer" at Tax Resolution Services threw out a lot of scare tactics and quoted a fee of $6700 to represent them. First, there is no reason for these folks to be scared: they just left bankruptcy, and that tends to put the IRS on hold. Second, their business is CLOSED -- and the IRS is not always too aggressive at pursuing dead business debts. Finally, $6700 is a catastrophe of a fee! No way! Highway robbery. This is the second time that I've heard a person pitched a ridiculous fee by this firm.

WE quoted them $1200.00 to pursue an Offer in Compromise on their remaining debt.

Summary: Tax Resolution Services does not abandon their clients. However, their sales tactics and fees appear to be out of order.

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