Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

I am musing today on the subject of the daily workload of someone who does tax representation cases like myself. I want people to get a glimpse of what we do on a daily basis -- those of us that actually DO the cases, in contrast with those who focus explicitly on SELLING the cases.

I have a tidy list, on a legal note pad, of those clients who I need to serve TODAY, and that pretty much is the focus of my day. SALES are more of an afterthought. If people call me in response to the blog or a mailing that my company sent to people who have tax liens against them, then I will interview them and offer the service to them. However, over time I am less and less focused on follow-up, as I feel that my presentation to prospective clients should be solid enough to motivate them to hire us. Still, on occasion, I will swallow my pride and wear the "salesman" hat and call a prospective client who is a fairly big case to see if they are still interested.

The difference here from myself and these SALES-DRIVEN tax resolution companies like Taxmasters, Associated Tax, Progressive Tax, Omni, Freedom Tax Network (a new one)...is that I am NOT going to pound potential clients into oblivion for them to hire me. I am too busy providing customer service. AND...I don't want to come off as too aggressive. One major caveat: In my earlier years, I was more aggressive than I am now.

On my service list today:

1. Amending a client's tax return to reflect her gambling losses. This is in response to a "paper audit" of her tax return, as she did her initial tax return incorrectly.

2. Calling the IRS Offer in Compromise division to make sure my client is NOT collected against for a tax year (2009) that was NOT included in their Offer. They are doing an Offer on tax year 2006 (only) - it is an Offer in Compromise Doubt as to Liability -- What is a Doubt as to Liability Offer?

3. Returning to the call to an Agent at California Franchise Tax Board for a client.

4. Calling the IRS to renegotiate an installment agreement for a client whose installment agreement was calculated using income she no longer has (unemployed). Maybe getting her case placed as uncollectible.

Well, that is a taste of what I do on a daily basis here at Washington Tax. BUT, I always have time to hear from a potential client. Call me at 1-866-525-7302. Thanks, Jay Freeborne, Washington Tax.

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