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Tax Resolution Companies -- Better Business Bureau -- Grade Inflation

I have a lot of respect for the institution of the Better Business Bureau. This institution's vision is to create An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

My company sees the BBB as an arbiter between the customer and the company they hired: where both are treated fairly and allowed to defend themselves. But the BBB has different cultures throughout the country and different guidelines for ratings. Washington State's BBB, our arbiter, is particularly tough. You really have to jump through hoops to be awarded a good rating. California's BBB is also very stingy with good grades.

However, if you were a tax resolution company -- the state that you would want to reside in is Colorado. From my list of 85 tax resolution companies -- here's the Colorado contingent:

Amount of Complaints BBB rating Company name
(36 months)

17 A plus Omni Financial, Colorado
18 A plus 2020, Colorado
38 B Clear Creek, Colorado

Now for non-Colorado Companies:

11 A PLUS Washington Tax Services -- Seattle, Washington -- my company
14 B plus Blue Tax, Los Angeles. -- even stricter in California

We have less complaints than Omni or 2020 -- why can't we be A plus??? In time, I guess. UPDATED AUGUST 2011...WE ARE BACK TO A PLUS AGAIN :)

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