Resolution Success Stories

Tax Resolution Cases: How Much did We Charge? What did We do? How Long Did It Take?

Here are four of Washington Tax Service's customers randomly picked from last year.

What did we charge them?

What did we do for them?

How long did their tax resolution case take?

John - North Carolina - Penalty Abatement - Charge $750 - Six months

Client was already in payment plan with IRS. Staff researched his record to determine years owed and penalties assessed. Staff did a penalty abatement request with IRS. Hired March 2014. Penalty abatement achieved - August 2014.

Business - Bay Area California - Payroll Tax Problem - Charge $2950 - Twelve months

Client was delinquent on 941 - Payroll Taxes to the tune of $110,000. Business still open. It took twelve months of back and forth and renegotiation to get client an agreement with the IRS without any levies. Hired March 2014 - Finished March 2015. Future work for this client? We'll ask for relief on the penalties. No extra charge.

Scott - Seattle Area - 1040 Tax Problem - Charge $900 - One week.

Customer had wage garnishment for 1040 tax liability. Client had unfiled tax returns and a tax liability of $10,000.00. Staff provided client info and some guidance for him to do his own tax returns. Wage garnishment was released and small installment agreement achieved. Client knows he can contact us later to ask for assistance to get penalties waived.

Kyong - Afghanistan - Non-Filer of Four Years - Charge $950 - Three months

Client was working as contractor in Afghanistan. He and his wife were not sure when they last filed. researched his IRS record to determine what needed to be done. We prepared his four returns - he had tax refunds and no balance due.

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