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Tax Relief Companies? Still Telling the Truth to Clients?

One of the most popular ways to find Washington Tax Services - our "tax relief" company for nearly 30 years - is to click on our ad:

Eight Reasons to Avoid Most Tax Relief Companies.

Reading this ad and our reporting at Tax Resolution Talk Blog, you'll find we have been kind of hard on your average tax relief company. But there was a reason for our critical reporting on tax relief companies: they were doing very bad things! The closing of companies and government scrutiny of tax relief companies in the late '90's all the way thru 2010 chastened companies to start doing the right thing.

But there are still companies which you can find on our list of New Tax Relief Companies who just aren't training their staff to tell the truth.

A recent company in Los Angeles (no surprise there) interviewed a customer who owed 12k and 15k respectfully to the IRS and the State of NY. This person owned a free-and-clear home worth 260k. The rep at that firm with the words "tax experts" in it claimed she could "settle" both debts for around 1k per issue?! Folks, there is no other word for this BUT fraud. In about 99% of situations, a person with a 260k asset is JUST NOT GOING TO SETTLE WITH THE IRS (only a very old person could maybe get an OIC with a house like that - a big maybe.)

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