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Tax deadline of April 15th: What does it mean to your tax resolution case? Your refunds?

With the tax filing deadline of Tuesday April 18th, 2017, just around the corner, what's important to know?

1. 2013 Tax Refund will vanish on 4/18. Better file that return manually (snail-mail) and get it postmarked before that deadline approaches (e-filing won't work).

2. File extension if you are going to owe money (and can't file in time). Avoiding late filing penalties is the lowest hanging fruit that exists in tax liability avoidance. Print out Form 4868, fill it out and send it to the IRS postmarked on or before 4/18.

3. Filing 2016 and owing money? Don't worry about it. Wait for your return to process and send us the bill when you get it. If you are already in an installment agreement - you might default it due to the balance due. But it could be a good opportunity for a "re-think" of your tax resolution case as better avenues like Offer in Compromise might be available this go-around.

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