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Summer update: 2012 Trends in IRS Tax Resolution:

I want to update readers of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog of some trends that might be beneficial to you:

1. The Offer in Compromise Program as I have been blogging about all summer has changed dramatically. You can watch my video about the HUGE changes in the program: Offer in Compromise Rule Changes for 2012

I also wrote about the Offer in Compromise in my four part series - the first part is here: OIC Rule Changes for 2012 - Part I

If you owe the IRS more than $25,000 you really need to interview with us here at Washington Tax - to see if you might be candidate for this program. Call us at 1-888-282-4697

2. The Tax Resolution Industry: the days of tax resolution scams might be on decline. Taxmasters, JK Harris and Roni Deutsch are now kaput. And according to what we have heard at a meeting of the Tax Resolution Company Coalition, the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility might be finally fulfilling its duty to protect taxpayers from tax resolution company scams. Here's the OIC OPR website here: IRS - OPR Website

However you might want to keep yourself abreast of potential fly by night companies by checking out my list of List of 145 Tax Resolution Companies

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