Resolution Success Stories

Settling an IRS Debt of $700,000 for $21,000. Fantasy or Reality?


A client of ours in Texas, a medical professional, just got an Offer in Compromise accepted of $21,000 on $700,000 owed. How did he/we do it?

* Well, he was current on his 2015 estimated taxes.
* His disposable income clearly wouldn't pay the taxes before the last debts expired which was the year 2024 or eight years from now (96 months).
* In other words, he had about $1303 in "allowed disposable income" which would not come close to paying the debt (96 months x 1303 = $125,000).
* He had no significant assets minus bank accounts and household goods.
* He hired Washington Tax Services - a serious staff of tax professionals who are rigorous and relentless at getting our client's cases resolved with the IRS or State.

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