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What’s a Fair Price in the Tax Relief industry?

As a staff member at WATAX for over 20 years and as someone who has priced tax resolution services while also seeing tax problem cases all the way to completion, I think I have some qualifications to judge what is an appropriate price for tax resolution.

We believe there are two different models of tax resolution pricing:

* An emotional "model" based on a promise of "settling the debt" or other exaggerated predictions.

* A sensible model based on realistic outcomes.


Now, we at WATAX could promise miracle results to everyone, e.g., giving out candy to clients like settlements of $1,000 on every debt: $1 million, $20,000, $50,000, whatever. Clients who are sold such fictions will pay a lot for these treats. They might think "well if they're going to settle my $100,000 debt for $2,000? Then a $5,000 fee? That seems fair."

We call this an "emotional" model of pricing because people get pretty emotional when they are told that their tax problem will go away with a magic wand! However, in the real world, people/tax professionals that quote fees like that and then face those same customers at the end of the case....well, might find some pretty disappointed customers.


Regardless of the outcome, the first criteria for tax resolution pricing should be the amount of work that will be necessary to resolve someone's tax problem: are there multiple business entities that we'll have to draw up financial statements on? Are there extra tax returns that will need to be done? How long will WATAX be working the case?

Secondly, when pricing a case, what is going to be a fee that our customer is NOT going to regret? What fee will they be happy with when we work very hard to do a case and the outcome is only a sensible installment agreement and NOT a settlement for example?

We feel WATAX has the fairest fees in the U.S.A. for honest and effective tax representation. Click here for more info about WATAX fees.

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