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Price Comparison: Optima Tax Relief vs. Washington Tax Services

As any reader of the our blog knows, we keep a close eye on the competition in the world of tax relief services. Unequivocally, the biggest player in the tax resolution space is Optima Tax Relief in Southern California. Optima got its start in 2012 and after big high quality marketing spends has become the most visible and the largest player in tax relief.

Oven ten years since their start and thanks to a generous So Cal BBB, Optima still maintains a good BBB rating. We would suggest that you read their complaints. Did they resolve them adequately?

If you are considering Optima, a few other things to think about:

1. What do you get for the Research Fee that they charge? Will you get the transcripts and expiration dates of your tax debt? Will they exaggerate the collection threat from IRS? Remember, since 2016, only IRS Revenue Officers (RO's) issue levies (for the most part).

2. Once your research is done by Optima, they will then propose a more comprehensive service with a bigger fee.

Here's a link to a general outline of WATAX's fee structure (you might be impressed) to see how we compare:

Fees for Tax Representation: WATAX

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