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The Power of Attorney Form: Clues when Companies Misuse it

If you are going to be represented by a tax professional to solve your tax issue, you will need to sign a form 2848 - Power of Attorney form -- Listed on this form under "Section 2 - Representatives" should be the NAMES of the Enrolled Agents, Attorneys or CPA's that you are appointing to represent you.

What you DO NOT WANT TO SEE IN THIS SECTION is the COMPANY NAME. That is ridiculous and an error. A company CANNOT represent you. A client of mine just sent me a copy of the company's 2848 that he hired from Calabasas, California. Their company NAME was listed on the 2848. Silly. The client was actually locating the 2848 so he could request a refund from them -- using the professional's name as "collateral" in that negotiation. No luck.

On the other hand, a company CAN be listed on the 8821 form -- as several people on staff can be entrusted to research your record with the IRS -- which does NOT require them to be a licensed tax professional.

If a fly-by-night tax resolution outfit is sending you a 2848 WITHOUT NAMES -- that's a very bad sign.

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