941 & Business Taxes

184 Tax problems: how were they resolved?

In our ongoing analysis of how tax problem cases get resolved by our firm - Washington Tax Services:
here is a breakdown of how we resolved our last 184 cases:

Installment agreement* 56 30% of cases
Offer in Compromise (settlement of tax debt) 43 - 23% of cases
Research/analysis - guidance** 26 - 14% of cases
Uncollectible status - 18 - 10% of cases
State tax representation only (above solutions pursued) 13
Representation of 941 tax/business tax cases (solution could include payment plan or Offer in Compromise) - 7
Audit defense before IRS or State - 7
Tax preparation only 7
Penalty abatement/waiver only 5
Dissolution of entity 1
Doubt as to liability/reversal of assessment 1

*Installment agreement means payment plan to pay the IRS. Many different creative installment agreements might have been pursued and extensive delays might have been achieved on behalf of our client. We will always pursue penalty abatement for these clients once a payment plan has been kept up.

** Research/analysis only. This is a pretty broad category. For a small retainer fee - we might have found out when a client's tax liability expired and recommended no action. Or we might have analyzed whether a tax return should be amended or NOT and sent them to our tax preparation office.

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