Marty M. Griffith

by Marty Griffith, Senior Tax Consultant

This post originally appeared on the 941 Tax Problem Blog we merged into the one you see here.

As a staff member of Washington Tax Services, I created the 941 Tax Problem Blog to be a thorough one-stop resource for people who are having 941 tax issues. Our intention is for the blog to answer questions like:

  1. How do I resolve unpaid 941 taxes?
  2. What is the purpose of 941 payroll taxes?
  3. Can 941 taxes be assessed against me personally?
  4. What is the marketplace for 941 tax resolution? What professionals are available to resolve 941 issues?
  5. Is professional help necessary? Can I use this blog to answer my questions and help resolve my own 941 issue?
  6. I received a tax lien against my company. Why am I getting calls from telemarketers? Who are they? Are they legit?

Stay tuned for more entries on the subject of 941 payroll taxes. We hope to make you better informed on the subject matter.

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