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IRS Liens and Levies: Not the Same Thing

It is pretty common for our customers to confuse levies and liens. And there is a big difference:

Liens issued by the IRS are placed on credit reports and then migrate to real estate that you are titled to. If you sell the real estate, the IRS secures their interest. Liens are usually placed when at least $25,000 or more are owed to the government. You can read more about how to get liens removed.

Levies, at least in the short-term, are a much more significant happening. When you are levied, your bank account is frozen or your wages garnished. You'll have 21 days to release a bank levy or money will be sent to IRS. Garnishments will have to be tackled a few days before your paycheck is cut. You can learn more about how to get levies off in this blog.

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