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Keywords that Lead People to the WATAX blog

In the years the Tax Problem Resolution Blog has been in existence, there have been a lot of searches that have led people here. Fortunately, we come up on a lot of searches for people and businesses who are trying to solve their tax problems. Searches also help us understand what the general public is looking for and responding to as far as their tax matters.

Here's some interesting keywords that bring people to our site:

"Notice of Tax Lien Investigation"

This search relates to newer and some older companies method of mailing "Tax Lien Investigation" letters to people/businesses with tax liens. The letters are designed to look like they are from the government. Tax lien mailers are covered here: Tax Lien Mailers and Calls

"Legitimate Tax Resolution companies"

Of course - this is the kind of search that we are proud that leads to our blog. Potential clients love to peruse our list of 165 Tax Resolution Companies -- 165 Tax Resolution companies -- a Survey

"Do tax resolution services work?"

Another favorite query of ours - the simple answer to this is "YES." But one of course wants to make sure he/she doesn't 1. OVERPAY 2. HIRE A FLY-BY-NIGHT COMPANY.

"Costs of IRS representation"

Another good one: I think we are the only tax resolution company to list our fees for everyone to see. Here they are: Fees for Tax Representation

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