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How Often is the Offer in Compromise a Solution for your Tax Problem?

Based on the stats that I have been keeping, it is interesting to see the breakdown of how tax cases are resolved at Washington Tax Services. AS far as the last 60 IRS cases go, here is how they were finalized:

Offer in Compromise 22* - 37%
Uncollectible Status 9 - 15%
Installment Agreement 29** - 48%

* We did two Offer in Compromises for Open Businesses with 941 tax issues!

** Do note that with every installment agreement - we later ask for IRS to remove penalties AND -- we use every trick that we have to delay the payment agreement from starting AND - we always offer our clients help to SKIP two payments a year.

You can read more about these three ways of resolving IRS issues - below:

The Offer: Offer in Compromise 2012 Rule Changes

Payment Plans: Making IRS Payment Plans Sexier

Uncollectible Status: Uncollectible Status Vs. Offer in Compromise

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