November 29, 2013 by Jay Freeborne

If you procrastinated dealing with the IRS up to now - your timing might be good as the IRS usually turns the levy and garnishment faucet off for a good chunk of December! However - if you are still on the fence about contacting the IRS yourself or by hiring a tax professional to deal with the IRS -- you can even further reduce your chances of getting levy by ACTING NOW - levies sent in November can still ended up hitting you at the worst time!  

While December is a better month for those that owe the IRS - on the other hand - it is also the time of year that the IRS sends out correspondence audits to people who filed their previous year taxes incorrectly. If you receive the IRS notice cp11 or cp2000 notice  - you might also want to talk to a tax professional at WATAX to see whether representation might benefit you. More about IRS correspondence audits and other examinations here:  IRS Audits - From A to Z.

Although our December call volume is reduced, we find that people who call WATAX in December are serious customers who really need to take action.

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