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High Pressure and High Fees: Good Indicators To Avoid Some "Tax Relief" Outfits.

We spoke with a trucker with a $96,000 tax problem to solve today. We quoted the fee of $1500 to represent and resolve his tax issue - start to finish - and told him - "sure you can spread the fee into two or three payments. Hire us whenever you are ready." He was in shock: "there's no pressure? this is so low-pressure - I am amazed." We laughed and said again "hire us whenever you want."

The reason for his amazement was simple. He had already been pursued by two tax relief outfits who "cold-call" tax liens. He was quoted a $5000 to $8000 fee from these companies and now they followup with him continuously wondering when he is going to get started.

As a rule of thumb folks, if the tax relief company that you have discussed your tax problem, is quoting

1. A fee north of $2500.00


2. Is calling repeatedly for you to hire them...

Be very afraid. High commissioned salespeople are often just trying to close the deal. Trust us on this: tax representation services should sell themselves! A reasonable fee should be quoted and perhaps - two emails and a phone call should be the maximum extent of the followup.

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