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Haven’t Filed Taxes in a Long Time? Didn’t Get Stimulus?

New visitors to the Tax Resolution Talk Blog are often non-tax return filers of many years. As we like to say, don't "freak out." WATAX has multiple ideas to bring you into the system, lowering your anxiety.

1. Six years of compliance usually works. Filing six years or 2015 to 2020 in 2021 (or 2016 to 2021 in 2022) in most cases should bring you into compliance. If you can't pay what you owe an Offer in Compromise or livable installment agreement can be reached.

2. Pay recent years in full, file less. If you pay all of your taxes due, you can try to file less returns, 18 19 20 years? Less? It's a matter of your appetite for risk. If the IRS asks you to file the older years, you will comply as needed.

3. Didn't get Stimulus? File for Recovery Rebate credit. There were two COVID stimulus payments for individuals and couples making less than $87,000 and $174,000 respectively: $1200 in the summer and $600 in the winter. Filing 18 or 19 usually triggered payment to you via direct deposit or check. If you didn't get the payment and qualify for it, you can apply for it as a Recovery Rebate credit on your 2020 return. DO NOTE: if you owe taxes for older years or back child support, the rebate will go against those debts.

Is 2024 the year to solve your tax issue? WATAX is ready to assist you now. Please call us at 1-888-282-4697 or email us a description of your tax issue and we'll contact you promptly.

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