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Government Shutdown: Impact on IRS Collection Cases and Audits

We at the Tax Problem Resolution Blog usually don't comment on current events - BUT as the government shutdown that started on October 1st, 2013 does impact our clients - we thought it would be appropriate to say a few things. Well -- our insights are fairly simple: the IRS is really not operating at all - except the most bare-bones crew. We understand mail is being logged in and received and fax machines are generally operable for clients that need to send info to agents. For those that filed an extension on your tax return - your tax returns are still due on October 15th.

All audits and collections cases - we can assume that the previous deadlines set are still relevant. But - there is nobody working these cases at this moment. Our association - the National Association of Enrolled Agents has a pretty good summary of the shutdown's effect here: Government Shutdown's Effect on IRS Operations: NAEA

We find from new customers - a mix of responses: some folks are energized -- maybe this shutdown - was their last "grace period" before the IRS really started to get aggressive with them? So we are seeing some folks get into action by calling us at Washington Tax. Others -- might feel a little lack of urgency and are holding off hiring us UNTIL the shutdown is over.

Whereever you stand with your unresolved tax issue, one thing is for sure: this government shutdown will eventually end - and the IRS will be back into gear. If it is any consolation - to anyone - no IRS liens or levies are going out UNTIL the shutdown is over: IRS Press Release: IRS Liens and Levies Shut Off Temporarily HOWEVER - THE IRS computers are still kicking out letters threatening to levy!

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