941 & Business Taxes

Good news: The IRS levy faucet is turned off from December 7 to 25th

Worried about levies or garnishments from the IRS for the holidays? Well...good news...the IRS automated collection systems branch is turning off the levy and garnishment faucet from December 7th thru December 25th. HOWEVER - if your case is assigned to the field - to a Revenue Officer - he/she still might pull the levy trigger. AND ALSO - if you owe Federal BUSINESS TAXES LIKE 941S, this doesn't apply. AND FINALLY, there are still a lot of levies in motion that were issued probably on December 7th. So the IRS is not flexible with this rule this year and Scrooge-ish about it .

(And for those that wonder where they can find the source of this levy ban in writing? You aren't going to find it anywhere. It is just what we have heard from speaking to agents at Automated Collection Systems.)

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