Resolution Success Stories

Email From Customer

I want to thank you for the work you did for me. I called you with only three hours to spare before my payroll was run and a garnishment would have been in effect, leaving me with about $180 per week income. You stopped whatever you were working on and made me a priority and you had the garnishment released with an hour to spare. At the same time, you took the time to get my facts and succinctly size up the situation for me. While I was in a panic state of mind and stressed over the worst possible scenario, you managed a balance between calm and urgent, and put first things first. You took care of the immediate crisis of being in collections; the garnishment and then moved on to the bank levy before it was enforced in the next few days. Then when that immediate heat was off, you clearly explained the options for getting out of debt with the IRS. I really appreciate your ability to clearly and patiently make me understand the processes, possibilities and probabilities to end this nightmare.
You wouldn't believe if you were able to review my file at the IRS. Over many years, I have paid two different 'Tax Resolvers", and tried multiple times to work directly with the IRS myself. All with no real results. You were able to make getting out of debt with the IRS seem like a real possibility.
Your fee has been reasonable and I would strongly recommend you to anyone that I know with IRS challenges. I look forward to continue working with you to finally end this.
Best Regards,
Camille., Phoenix, AZ 

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