by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent
November 4, 2014

So...there was once was a company called Consumer Tax Relief based out guessed it -- Southern California.  And what a company name that is/was! (Too bad they tarnished the name - it would be good to reuse!) We remember talking to an Enrolled Agent who worked at Consumer Tax Relief near the company's founding in 2008/2009. He said business was booming BUT the service was pretty poor. Call the phone number on that website NOW - and it says "Direct TV." They should take down that website! Maybe they are trying to sell it? It's a heckuva good name.

This Southern California based company closed sometime in 2013/2014 but it appears - that their BBB record is in New York now: Consumer Tax Relief - BBB record in New York.  (They also have a dormant BBB record in Florida: BBB - Florida I have called the phone line listed at the BBB record and after about 5 minutes someone answered. According to my conversation with the person - Consumer Tax Relief was closed - but they were handling the old cases. I then directed one of their old customers to the line. He said he had to leave a message after being on hold for 10 minutes.  Not too promising.

Consumer Tax Relief - yet another example of a tax resolution disaster - created by greedy entrepreneurs with no understanding how to build a long -term tax representation business. Have a look at 50 plus other companies who met the same demise at our Dead Tax Resolution Company List

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