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Customer Service - Analysis

Occasionally, I will run the numbers on my success at serving my customers. Since September of 2007, I have had 403 customers. As of today, I have resolved 228 of those cases. My clients:

1. Received an Offer in Compromise, or an OIC was submitted.
2. Their case was placed as currently not collectible or
3. Penalties and interest were waived or refunded or
4. An affordable installment agreement was set up or
5. Liens were removed for paid or expired taxes or
6. Taxpayers record was researched with the IRS or
7. Back tax returns were prepared or
8. The EIN# was closed for business with 941 tax balance, to maximize chances that the owner is NOT assessed.
9. We determined that no current action was necessary on a tax case -- we hoped that the tax would expire, e.g..

These are nine of many different forms of tax resolution that my customers receive.

On the other hand, 45 of the 403 cases I've had in the last two years were CLOSED.

Why were they closed?

1. Death, sickness, addiction, etc.
2. Hired another professional.
3. Filed bankruptcy.
4. Laziness -- the IRS was NOT aggressive, so they decided to put off resolution with us.

Of the remaining 130 cases? We are still working on them!!!

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