May 29, 2012 by Jay Freeborne

Just got off the phone with a lawyer who fell behind on taxes to the tune of $250,000 -- his previous representative had negotiated a $4700 monthly payment plan to pay back the debt. This gentleman and his family earns about $291,000 per year so this kind of payment plan makes sense at least on the surface. Two weeks ago -- this payment plan and perhaps a request to take the penalties off - were this guy's best options.

BUT NOW: It's a entirely different universe:  

this gentleman NOW QUALIFIES FOR an $87,000 Offer in Compromise to settle his $250,000 debt.

We will get into the actual math of this person's case in another post. But as we indicated below:  your monthly disposable income necessary to do an Offer has been reduced from 48 months to 12 months -- a 75% discount. 


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