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A Letter from a Happy IRS Offer in Compromise Client

Before sharing a very flattering letter from a client of, I wanted to first convey the chronology of his case:

* Hired us in Sept 2013.
* Client owed 200k to the IRS - hadn't filed tax returns in 10 years.
* Client retained WATAX for $1500.00 - start to finish fee.
* WATAX researched his record and got documents for him to do returns.
* Client did his own tax returns - WATAX provided info and some guidance.
* Client had an IRS agent on his case - WATAX did all of the communication with her.
* IRS agent accepted an Offer in Compromise as processable that we submitted.
*Offer was ultimately accepted at IRS--NY State.
* Offer for 16,500 to settle 200,000 debt accepted in April 2014.

So this case took eight months. Fortunately, this client qualified for a settlement.

Here's his version of events and how he found :

After reading and hearing about many of the unscrupulous "Tax Relief Service Companies" in this industry, I'd like to leave my comments about Jay Freeborne and Washington Tax Service. I contacted one of the top 10 rated companies based here in South Florida last September, after receiving a letter from the IRS that they would be taking all of my pension checks for the foreseeable future, until I paid them close to $200,000 in back taxes. After explaining the situation to this local company, I was quoted a price of $4,900, with a $1000 penalty type of payment also required. I did more research and found Jay at and called him. I explained the same thing to Jay, answered the same type of questions, and was told the fee would be $1500, total. No hidden extras or charges. Just talking to him and listening to his no BS way with words, I signed a contract and we got started with the process. Eight months later, and today I received the Offer in Compromise Acceptance Letter for $16,500. Minus the $3300 sent in with the offer, I owe $13,200 spread over five months. Everything he told me worked out the way he said, and I will be forever grateful. Having something like that hanging over your head for 13 years, is not a pleasant thing to live with. But what a relief when it's finally close to being settled. I couldn't live much farther away from Seattle than I do, and still be in the U.S., but that made no difference to me when it came time for my tax problem. He answered every time I called his office and responded to emails almost immediately. Several times I asked him if I owed him anything for the extra work he was doing, and he'd reply "No, it's all included." Unbelievable. I'm 65 years old and it's one of the best companies I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Call the other tax services you want, but before you hire one, make sure to give Jay a call. He and his staff are first class all the way, and you will never feel cheated or lied to. A great Company!

Thank you sir! OK - this review is awesome. Have a similar tax problem you want to discuss? Give us a call at 1-888-282-4697. Staff of - open since 1989.

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