941 & Business Taxes

A Couple of Questions before Paying for IRS Representation

If you are the average stumbler upon the Tax Problem Resolution Blog -- you are searching for help to solve your tax problem.

You might be wondering:

1. Do I really need to pay for a tax professional? If you owe more than 6k, haven't filed returns, are being audited, have a business that owes 941 taxes - a phone call to us - the professionals - is warranted -- 888-282-4697.

2. Can I solve my tax problem myself? If you have a small balance owed to the IRS($6,000 or less), all your returns are filed and the balance due is for a very recent year - we say - by all means - call the IRS yourself and work out a payment plan!

3. I have seen a lot of ads for "tax relief" - are they legit? Am I going to get ripped off? You can call us - watax.com - a firm with 25 years of operation or find someone else who is legit - on our list of 152 companies. We generally encourage people to hire firms with 10 years of experience with an excellent rating at the BBB.

4. What do I qualify for? An Offer? Is it possible to know in advance? It's dangerous for us to get too exact on what result we're going to get a client. If we have a good inkling - we'll speculate, but largely we tell our clients - what is possible with caveats and emphasize that what our clients are paying for is "representation" and all of the benefits of that - monitoring, research, advocacy.

Is 2024 the year to solve your tax issue? WATAX is ready to assist you now. Please call us at 1-888-282-4697 or email us a description of your tax issue and we'll contact you promptly.

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