August 2, 2010 by Jay Freeborne

Omni Financial in Colorado, a tax resolution company in Colorado -- who we have respect due to their A rating at  BBB - here and their length of time in the business -- is the king of reopening fees.  They obviously get the whip out on their sales-people to ask for fees from their current clients in any way that they can.

A recent story we heard from one of their clients illustrates this.

This person was charged $10,000 for tax representation for personal and business representation.  A very high fee, made uglier by the fact that 1. Their business was already closed.  Therefore, there was absolutely no urgency in their representation; and  2. They had NOT been assessed personally for the tax yet from the deceased business.

Well, after months, they were eventually assessed by the IRS civilly for the debt.  But apparently, services to resolve that matter were NOT covered by their already EXORBITANT FEE charged previously.  Omni's "closer/salesperson" asked for ANOTHER $5,000.00 because they had to get a new attorney involved. This is BLACKMAIL and truly an ABUSE of practice.

This story corroborates with previous stories we have heard about Omni through the years.  An ex-employee has posted here that their SALES staff are given pep-talks to get more money out of current clients.  Furthermore, they have McDonald's applications out on the front desk -- to show their "closers" where they can find work elsewhere if they can't keep "closing deals."

Finally, that employee said:

"Don't let their BBB record fool you, they are a boiler room. Each tax rep is expected to pull in at least $30,000 per month in new money off existing clients by billing down their retainer."

WE have written previously about the practice of cold calling tax liens in our story here : Cold Calling People with Tax Liens does NOT charge reopening fees UNLESS a tax resolution case has truly past well over a year - and a reasonable fee as well.   Feel free to call us at 1-888-282-4697 or send an EMAIL about your situation HERE.


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