January 7, 2011 by Jay Freeborne

We just had a client pay their Offer. They are done.  We decided to look at the history to see how long it took. This client settled a $50,000 tax debt for $2700.  No kidding.

July 24, 2009  Client was referred to us. After an analysis of their case, hired us.
Jul to Sept 2009  Keep client out of collections with Power of Attorney
October 27, 2009 We prepared Offer for client.  Sent docs to client to submit to IRS.
June thru Sep 2010 Back and forth between Offer division substantiating information, etc.
Oct 2010 Offer in Compromise accepted.
January 2011 Offer in Compromise paid in full by taxpayer.

So this unusually long Offer took 12 months for approval. That, I would say, is far above the average time to process. Perhaps it was because it was the region they were in. They are North Carolinians.  Not sure!

Do note that in May of 2012 - the IRS rules changed big time in their calculating of Offer in Compromises -- Offer in Compromise Rule Changes in 2012: Settle for up to 75% Less

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