by Jay Freeborne , Enrolled Agent
August 26, 2008

One of the frustrating parts of this job is having to deal with clients we call ORPHANS/REFUGEES from fraudulent tax companies. These clients respond to ads from these companies on cable TV -- Blah Blah Blah Tax Relief - with the lame endorsements from Pat Summerall - and the fear-based marketing strategies. THESE COMPANIES ARE HORRIBLE, staffed by "Boiler Room" type closers, trained to "close the deal," regardless of whether there is anything a tax professional can do for them. I also have first-hand experiences where clients of these firms give the salesperson their bank information without a full commitment to hire them - AND...the firms run the bank information for large sums without the client knowing! I REALLY WOULD AVOID ANY COMPANY WHO ADVERTISES ON TV. YOU WILL REALLY REGRET IT IF YOU DO.

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